How To Lose Weight Fast- Quick & Easy Tips

How To Lose Weight Fast- Quick & Easy Tips

Here’s the good news; Men love curves. And here is the better news: There are some tips & tricks to master if you own a curvy body.

In the past few years, the top magazines and designers have all wanted to make a point about “real” women, to the level that they started to proclaim that “curvy is the new black”!

Maybe fashion has finally realized that having a model-like figure is neither sexy nor healthy and started to exalt the shapes of more full-figured women.

If we think about the biggest celebs of the past few years we will also notice that they all have quite big curves, starting from Kim Kardashian, to Beyoncé, to Catherine Zeta-Jones. These celebs have never shied away from flaunting their curves and this is the reason, that this particular body shape now epitomizes sexiness in the eyes of every man. women who are not afraid to show off their body even if it is not super skinny and managed to look really sexy in the eyes of every man.

So, before starting off with this list of style tips, make sure you fully embrace and start to love your curves! Fashion is all about looking good & feeling good. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be a gorgeous curvy fashion diva that nobody can resist.


1- Make A Point To Show Off Your Best Assets: Everyone has a part of their body they like to show off. If you worship your waist, bring in the focus by cinching your middle with a beautiful belt. If you love your legs, show them off with patterned or colorful shorts and skirts. Adore your arms? Stick with sleeveless shirts that let them take focus.


2- Strike the right balance between fitted and too tight. There’s a difference between being squeezed up in a dress and a dress fitting your body nicely. You shouldn’t see lines of any undergarments through the dress—that’s when you know it’s too tight!


3- Proudly Embrace Your Midriff: I know a lot of plus-size women who follow one styling rule:” HIDE THE BELLY,”. But a lot of times, this results in wearing terrifically unflattering and baggy, fit-for-high-school-PE apparel. It’s not exactly a recipe for feeling good about yourself.  So rather than focusing on hiding your tummy, find clothes that make you happy and boost your confidence.


4- Have An Army Of Shapewear: Take a lesson from plus-size supermodel Ashley Graham and get great shapewear to keep it tuckd in. Always make sure that you wear the proper undergarments. Nothing is worse than having the perfect outfit but not having the right foundation to pull it off. Every woman needs a little bit of cinching, smoothing, and support sometimes. Generally, smoothing in the tummy and hips can make us look more refined and polished in our clothes. The number one piece that women should have is a body shaper. If you want to let it all hang out, that’s your prerogative, but if you’re looking for a smooth silhouette, you should invest in the right shapewear. From high-waist thigh trimmers to stomach-slimming tank tops, there are a plethora of plus-size shapewear styles available online. Check here for some great styles and deals.

You would never guess how choosing the right bra can make all the difference in a look. Fact is that eight women out of ten wear the wrong sized or shaped bra, but what they don’t realize is how getting professionally measured and investing in a great bra can go a really long way in making your body look much slimmer.



5- Show Off Your Cleavage: Try to avoid high necklines, but prefer V-necks that will have the effect of elongating your silhouette and flattering your figure. Here goes the saying that “if you have them, flaunt them” but don’t exaggerate as the risk is to look a bit vulgar. In an alternative to the V-neck, also the scoop neck will look perfect and will be more suitable for the daytime. So, if you have them you can flaunt them, but do not overdo the styling as it will only make you look vulgar. The cleavage showing is highly critical, so you should be extremely careful in flaunting them. Even a bit of peek-a-boo can be offensive such as at workplace or any religious place. You can also go for scoop necks for daytime.



6- Go Bold With Accessories: If there is anyone that can sport bold accessories in a perfect way, it’s you. Go for long necklaces, chunky bracelets, and large loop earrings, and avoid small accessories that will be lost on you.

Also, a maxi bag will be perfect and prefer it to tiny clutch bags. The accessories that you wear need to have the right personality that complements your own!


7- Stand Tall In Heels: Pay attention to your shoes.  Avoid straps around the ankles—they can make legs look shorter. A classic pump in a neutral will give you the cleanest line and make your legs look longest. If Stiletoes are not your style, invest in sturdy block heels or kitten heels. The idea is to add inches vercically and make you stand taller with the core tucked in.


8- Dare To Wear…Everything! Forget all those antiquated rules that say only specific body types can wear certain types of clothing; from crop tops and jumpsuits to bikinis and body-con dresses, plus-size women can pull off any trend! It’s all about finding the right size, cut and style that fits and flatters your curves. Again, plus-size bloggers can help you with specific styling dilemmas, but there’s really nothing like just trying things on. In order to rock the ish out of a certain trend, you need to give yourself the opportunity to try it out first.



How To Lose Weight Fast- Quick & Easy Tips

All of us are in the same boat when it comes to weight loss it should be fast & easy. Having accepted that, we should also come to terms with the fact that weight loss does not come packaged in a miracle pill. Making small, specific goals is key to losing weight long-term —it is the result of dedication & mindfulness. And quite easy to achieve if we keep the following tips in mind. Check out my favorite, no-fail jump-starts to feeling like your old self (i.e. back into your bodycon dress) without crazy fad diets.


Take A Deep Breath: Ever found yourself mindlessly munching while you brood about your latest romantic rejection or eating a hamburger and fries in front of your computer as you furiously try to make a work deadline? Perhaps you’re a busy mom, eating cookies in your car as you shuttle the kids back and forth to a slew of activities. the stress that comes from stressing makes the pounds creep on. Research has shown that cortisol, the hormone that’s released during stressful activity, is linked to fat storage. We found levels of cortisol in the hair to be positively and significantly correlated to larger waist circumference and higher body mass index or BMI,  said lead author Sarah Jackson, a research associate at the Institute of Epidemiology and Health at University College London.”These results provide consistent evidence that chronic stress is associated with higher levels of obesity.”


Curb Your Sugar Honey: Eating sugary foods might be satisfying at the moment, but they can increase your cravings for more sugary foods in the future — and that only leads to trouble. Many foods high in added sugar are also higher in calories and fill you up less than lower-calorie, still-sweet alternatives like fruit.  But there are still ways to satisfy your sweet tooth without ODing on sugar. For example, when you are baking, cut out some of the sugar in recipes by adding in vanilla extract or cinnamon. Substitute French toast with unsweetened frozen fruit instead of syrup. For more ideas on how to banish sugar and still keep your life interesting, try these healthier sugar substitutes.


Forget Apples, Eat More avocado: If you ever needed an excuse to eat more avocados, this is it. People tend to steer clear of healthy fats when they’re trying to lose weight, but they might just be the solution. Studies show that by simply adding some avocado to your lunch every day, it’ll fill you up enough that you won’t be mindlessly munching on junk food later. Slice one in half, sprinkle a little sea salt and eat the inside with a spoon. Doing so allows you to absorb three to five times more carotenoids, a disease-fighting compound associated with improved weight and fat loss.


Strength Training: Invest in light-weight dumbells for the house. It’s a one-time investment you’ll never regret. Here’s why: Strength training builds lean muscle tissue, which burns more calories — at work or at rest — 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The more lean muscle you have, the faster you’ll slim down. Training with a waist trainer or cincher has been known to accelerate weight loss and build a shapely midriff. To know more about how to exercise in your waist trainer, click here.  And if you have any doubts about the efficacy of waist training, read this article. How do you start strength training?Try these quick moves: squats, bench step-ups, lunges, push-ups, pull-ups, and planks. In a pinch, just do single sets of 10 for each exercise — you’ll get optimal results for the time invested. Try some push-ups or a few squats or lunges. Use your free weights to perform simple biceps curls or triceps pulls right in your home or office. Do these exercises three to four times per week, and you’ll soon see a toned, curvy you.


Snack Away: Grazing is a surprisingly good idea because it helps you avoid metabolic slowdown. Your body will be tricked into thinking it’s constantly eating, so it will never slow your metabolism down. Aim for five small meals (200 to 500 calories) a day rather than three large ones. Also, try not to go more than four hours without eating — if you eat breakfast at 7 am, for example, have a snack at 10 am lunch at noon, another snack at 3 pm and dinner at 7 pm.



Say Yes To Coffee Before Workout: a pre-exercise cup of java with a splash of skim milk (about 11 calories) or black (just 5 calories) will energize your workout. You’ll burn more calories without realizing you’re pushing yourself harder. Caffeine is a natural diuretic and an excellent source of antioxidants, which protect your cells from damage. You can have up to 400mg a day.



Get More Zzzz 😴: It’s way more important for your waistline to head to bed instead of acting like a rock star every night. A study at the University of Chicago Medical Center found that people who got only four hours of sleep had much more difficulty processing carbs. The culprit? Increased levels of insulin and the stress hormone cortisol. When you’re exhausted, your body lacks the energy to do its normal day-to-day functions, which includes burning calories efficiently. So the best way to make sure your metabolism runs smoothly is to get six to eight hours of shuteye each night.

13 Instant Slimming Fashion Hacks- That Actually Work!

Ok- the holiday season is over and now it is time for the ‘new year, new me” resolves. And one of them is definitely to lose those extra pounds that we are all guilty of piling on. While we all have phases where we feel bloated or just “blah” – the good news is that our clothes have the power to slim us instantly, with a little help from good shapewear 😎Read on for a round-up of the easiest slimming hacks, perfected by the fashion industry, to make you look a dress smaller, in a minute!


1- Wear Solid Colors: Ditch those bold prints when you want to look slim. Or if you absolutely must wear prints, Stick to small, dainty prints like festive stars or wear a print on the slimmest part of your body to avoid looking a dress size bigger.


2- Opt For Strategic Colour Blocking:  Search for dresses with innovative color blocking or cut-out designs, like the one featured below. The hourglass shape gives the illusion of a thinner waist, hiding imperfections and cutting the silhouette to give a sleek look.


3- Body-hugging Is Your Friend: Contrary to popular belief, wearing loose, oversized clothing actually makes you look larger, even though you might be feeling “fat”. A major misconception about dressing for a fuller figure is that baggy clothing hides a person’s extra weight. On the contrary, loose clothing makes a person look larger, fashion experts say. Rather, it’s form-fitting clothing paired with flowy layers like a sweater or scarf that creates a more slimming silhouette.


4- Belt It: Add a belt on the narrowest part of the waist to accentuate and create the illusion of curves. Use a belt, shirt tuck, or ruching to draw all eyes and attention to the narrowest part of your torso. This timeless trick will keep the focus away from any sags or bulges. Clasp a stylish belt on your outfit and look slimmer in a jiffy!


5- Invest In Good Shapewear: Undergarments that smooth, shape, and tuck away folds, rolls, and bloat can be the confidence boost you need to really strut your stuff. Women can achieve a trimmer waistline using products like a full body shaper which tucks in the tummy, raises the hips, slims the thigh & are completely seamless. Find yours here. 

If you are worried about looking fabulous in that slinky party dress, you should definitely invest in a backless body shaper with removable straps. This one is highly rated and proven to lift, shape & accentuate your body under tight-fitting dresses. Check it out here.


6- Go Monochromatic: Outfits that stick to one color palette are the most flattering for any body shape. Whether you opt for pants, a skirt, a blazer or coat, choose a neutral palette such as nude, grey or navy. Don’t mix and match too many colors. One color tone maximizes the slimming effect.


7- Bootcut Pants please: Invest in dark-colored bootcut bottoms. Bootcut pants that are black, navy, or a deep shade of indigo have a slimming effect on the abdomen, pelvis, and rear end. The bootcut style, in particular, makes the legs look longer and therefore more trim. To give an extra boost to the hips, wear hip-raising panties, which are also seamless & breathable. Moreover, this Hot Butt-Lifter Underwear will compress your tummy, making any bulges vanish. So when you look in the mirror you’ll see tall, slim legs & an enviable butt!


8- Wear Heels: The taller you are, the skinnier you appear. So don’t be afraid to add a little extra height. If you’re clumsy on your feet, opt for a platform or wedge heel rather than the more precarious stiletto.  The heel height will elongate legs creating the illusion of a longer, slender figure. You’ll feel fantastic in a flash!



9- Raise Your Hemline: Long hemlines that cover the ankles add the illusion of bulk. The wrong hemline will add inches to your figure! When wearing skirts or dresses opt for a hemline about 1 inch above the knees and if you want to make your legs look even slimmer- add heels. And boom! You’re done!


10- Smart Fabrics: For a svelte look, spandex, jersey, cashmere, and fine cotton are your go-to fabrics because they help shape the contours of the body. But steer clear from corduroy, crushed velvet, metallic, leather, sequin-adorned materials, and suede. These heavily textured fabrics will add pounds as well as pizzazz to your look.


11- Try A V-Neck: All hail the V-neck — A simple neckline that works effortlessly to slim down the frame by creating the illusion of height. It’s the most flattering neckline out there and it does the trick every time.


12- Its A Wrap: Invest in a few warp dresses or tops because they really work in creating the illusion of a narrower body by cleverly camouflaging the midsection. A wrap top or dress will instantly enhance curves and take inches away from a big tum. If wrap styles aren’t your thing, then try a style with ruching on one side for the same effect.

13- Confidence Is The Key: Another less tangible (and free) style trick? Carry yourself with confidence, even if you feel bloated and crazy. Posture is a big part of the equation and can make a remarkable difference in your appearance in only seconds. If you’re looking to get a flat tummy fast (without exercising) — check this out. Its the lazy girls guide to a flat tummy.  It will have you feeling svelte in no time. Still not getting motivated? See this article on the hottest celebrity momswho juggle fast-paced lives but are an inspiration to us all. Find out how they do it.


Like these tips? Comment below & stay fab 💋

If Weight Loss Is Your Goal: 6 Breakfasts That Do Not Aid Weight Loss

We all know about the benefits of a power breakfast and how it is the most important meal of the day. What a lot of us don’t know is that there are some kind of breakfasts that are better than the others, especially if one is trying to lose weight. A healthy breakfast includes fiber, protein and healthy fat that gives you energy and makes you feel full. In contrast, an unhealthy breakfast can make you feel sluggish, cause you to gain weight and increase your risk of lifestyle diseases.

A well-rounded breakfast combined with moderate exercise will actually help you lose weight, so don’t think of skipping that meal for sure. Eating a meal in the morning can actually help you reach your weight-loss goal, and here’s  why:

 Breakfast jump-starts your metabolism: If you skip the first meal of the day, your metabolism actually slows down to conserve energy. Studies show that those who eat breakfast regularly lose weight, and are less likely to be overweight. Breakfast eaters also more likely toexercise regularly, hence maintaining a smaller waistline. So be sure you eat that power packed breakfast.

Fiber & Protein fills you and flattens your belly:  Fiber not only keeps you feeling full longer so you’re less apt to feel snacky between meals, it also reduces the bloating associated with constipation, which makes your tummy appear flatter. For some great  tips on how to get a flat tummy without exercise, click here. 

I have rounded up a few of the worst indulgences for breakfast, which are terrible if your goal is to lose weight (surprise! surprise!)


1- Fruit-based smoothies: Fruit is great to include on your breakfast menu, but not when juiced. By juicing you are removing all the fiber and taking in only the sugar. Also, an only fruit-based smoothie, without any proteins or fiber will make you hungry soon after. A healthy smoothie option is to include protein powder, yogurt, soy milk, beans, or tofu for protein, and throw in a little avocado, nuts or nut butter, chia seeds, or flax meal for filling fats. Adding some extra fiber of kale or spinach or bananas ensures a wholesome smoothie.



2- Cereal: Added sugar may very well be the single worst ingredient in the modern diet. It is making us fat and unhealthy, and most people are eating way too much of it. However, most people aren’t pouring all that sugar on top of their food – they are getting it from processed foods. Interestingly, breakfast cereals are some of the most commonly consumed processed foods that are high in added sugars. In fact,most of them have sugar listed as the second or third ingredient!! Starting the day with a high-sugar breakfast cereal will spike your blood sugar and insulin levels. A few hours later, your blood sugar may crash, and your body will crave another high-carb meal or snack, thus creating a vicious cycle of overeating.  Of course, not all cereals are created equal, so as long as you can find one that offers you most benefits, you’re golden.



3- Flavoured Oatmeal: Tiny packets of maple brown sugar or apple cinnamon instant oatmeal seem healthy, but they contain lots of sugar and some even have artificial sugars like sucrose and artificial colors. Buying plain quick oats and flavoring it yourself with fruit and a little maple syrup, agave, or honey is healthier, but what’s even better? Making overnight oats the night before using rolled oats (they’ll keep you satisfied longer since they’re less processed) and chia seeds. To make your own overnight oats, click on this easy step-by-step tutorial and also check out some more amazingly tasty, healthy oats recipes. 



4- Bagel sandwiches: The more you think about the breakfast sandwich, the more glorious it becomes. That soft, pillowy egg; that crispy, salty meat; that gooey, melty cheese; all perfectly nestled between the doughy goodness of toasted bread. It makes you believe all is right with the world. And yet, when you start to dissect what’s actually in this sandwich, which is not much you start to wonder where the morning went all wrong. Adding an egg will help, but then that egg will serve you better on avocado toast or a whole-wheat English muffin instead.



5- Sweetened non-fat yogurt: A bowl of plain, whole-milk Greek yogurt topped with berries is a great example of a healthy breakfast. However, a container of fat-free, sugar-sweetened fruit yogurt is not. In fact, many flavored non-fat yogurts contains more sugar than a comparable serving of ice cream. Fat helps keep you full because it takes longer to digest than carbs, and it also triggers the release of the fullness hormone cholecystokinin. Removing the fat from dairy products and adding sugar changes a nutritious breakfast option into food that is better suited as an occasional treat. So skip this one for sure.



6- Granola Bars: Granola bars may sound like great breakfast options, but they’re often no better than candy bars. Although unprocessed oats are high in fiber, granola bars provide only 1–3 grams of fiber, on average. However, they contain a lot of added sugar. In fact, some of the most popular brands contain a combination of sugar, corn syrup, and honey. Large amounts of these sugars can raise blood sugar, insulin levels, and inflammation. Further driving up their sugar content, granola bars sometimes contain chocolate chips or dried fruit.The protein content of granola bars also tends to be low, further confirming that they are a poor breakfast choice. In a nutshell,  granola bars contain sugar that raises insulin levels & also lack protein & fiber which are essential breakfast components.

Now wasn’t that just…

Until next time💋💋 stay fabulous!!

How To Look Like An Airport Diva: 6 Tips To Get Your Airport Style On Mark

Vacation season is here. Which means packing your bags and seeing the insides of a lot of airports & aircrafts. It also means upping your airport style, because who does not want to look like a diva at the airport & make heads turn?  While I personally prefer comfort over fashion while planning my airport outfit (but that’s just me) here are my two-bits on what NOT to wear at the airport. With the holiday season coming up, I knew I just had to put out a post on the airport/ flight discomforts many (most) of us endure in the name of fashion.

Read below to know what to avoid wearing at airports and on flights.

1- High Heels

I cannot stress the importance of this point enough. I personally choose my footwear first and decide my outfit around it. Ballerinas,  fashionable keds or maybe Chelsea boots. Avoid flip-flops too because of their bad grip. Because airports are huge areas and one has to walk for miles around, whether its to grab that coffee or to rush to that boarding gate. So many women totter around airports uncomfortably, barely keeping up on their feet in high-heeled shoes. Beats me why one would do that! Unless of course, you’re Victoria Beckham, because then you can 😉 Last I heard, even VB had sworn off high-heels. If heels are an absolute must for you, then take inspiration from  these celebrities who have mastered the airport style


2- THAT New Outfit

Save it for the vacation and not for the airport. Tempting as it might be to post fab airport selfies and pics in your designer outfit and get 500 likes for it, wisdom is to pack it and keep it for the actual holiday. The airport is just the right place to spoil your expensive dress (coffee spills are the worst). Not to mention the discomfort you might be in, trying to hold in your stomach or awkwardly tugging at that tight, short skirt when it threatens to ride up all the way!

3- Gym Wear/Sweats

Don’t wear your comfy gym pants, however trendy they might be to the airport.  Because let’s get real, it is not that we will find time to go for a jog while waiting for your flight to be announced. If fitness and weight loss are that on top of your mind, try hooking on a waist trainer/ waist cincher under your clothes. These miracle belts are seamless so they don’t show under an outfit. The thermal core technology of the waist trainer works on your tummy & waist, melting those inches, while you take that long flight. Moreover, waist trainers and cinchers support the core abdominal muscles & lower back, effectively taking the stress out of your back (literally). Another advantage of wearing a waist trainer as airport style? You can fold and tuck it into your handbag when you don’t need it. Cool, right?

4- Minimal, Summery Outfits

Yes, I know you can’t wait to reach your favorite destination (don’t we all?), but don’t forget the sub-zero temperatures you will have to endure at the airport and on your flight. If you must don your favorite summer outfit to the airport, don’t forget to carry a warm stole and socks for the flight. Remember to “layer up”. And there are tons of ways to layer up fashionably. Throw a long duster coat over that summer outfit- you will be thankful for it.


5- A Jumpsuit:

You will be spending a lot of time at the airport and on the flight before you get to take this thing off. Not to mention the cramped flight toilets which makes jumpsuit a bad choice for flights. My guess is you would not want to be fumbling with all those buckles and zippers. Pulling a jumpsuit on and off is a task normally on a full bladder, it is many X tougher to do so at an airport or on a flight. Even though I love this wretched trend and I refuse to give up on jumpsuits, I can recall many, many episodes where there’s been a dash between the bladder and the zipper. And I am not even talking about crowded airport loos. If you are a big fan of the jumpsuit as airport style then opt for a more comfortable, full sleeved one with a zipper. To save yourself any bathroom follies.


6- Heavy Perfume & Heavy Jewellery

Yes, we don’t want to be sitting next to that person who is a walking advertisement for a perfume ad. Be mindful and by that I mean please do not smell like yesterdays underwear either (in that case, I’ll take the walking advertisement please). Apply little because you can always reload on the perfume in the flight bathroom. Same with heavy metal jewelry- less is more. We do not want the fellow passengers to be listening to our bangles clanking every minute! The rule is “less is more” was never truer than in this case.


Happy, sexy travels! And stay stylish 💋












A Sneak Peek Into Kim Kardashian’s Diet



Kim Kardashian, reality star, mother of two and style & fitness icon follows a tough diet & fitness plan which she sticks to, no matter what well, because she is Kim Kardashian though I am guessing she has her cheat days too! She publicly claimed to have lost 42 pounds of her baby weight, post giving birth to Saint West. How did she do it? Here goes…


Kim is a fan of the Atkins Diet: Kim Kardashian has claimed on social media about her loyalty to the Atkins diet. Shes given shoutouts to the company on Twitter & Instagram.  And she’s been a long time follower, since her college It was very familiar to her and she trusts the plan because it worked so well for her in the past. But she loved the results it gave post giving birth to her daughter, North. So she followed the same diet after her second baby… and the results are there for the world to see. To know more about the programme and get some delicious, satisfying recipes, read here

For some quick tips & trick on how to lose that post-baby fat, fast click here


Kim is a fan of waist training: Kim started the waist training crazewhen she posted a pic of herself on social media wearing a waist-binding cincher. A lot of women didn’t know what the heck they were looking at when they saw the photo she posted. Kim has been using the corset to help reduce the size of her midsection and, by all accounts, it seems to have worked its magic. Shes done it after both her pregnancies too….well, if it worked for her, I’m willing to give it a shot! And not only Kim. Kardashian, many celebrities like Jessica Alba, Amber Rose, Kourtney Kardashian, Jwow, etc have attributed their amazing bodies, to waist training. See  the  pictures for yourself.



Kim is all for that Protein & Fibre: Whether its eggs, fish, chicken, or meat, Kim has protein in every single meal to help keep her full and satisfied. Makes sense, as research has shown that those who get the daily recommended amount of protein into their system lose more weight than those who don’t. Couple that with high-fiber foods (think artichokes and squash) and healthy fats(like avocado and olive oil) like Kim does – you’re on the way to weight loss success.



She is definitely NOT low-cal: Kim goes on the low carb road, because of the Atkins diet, but she loves her cheese omelette with turkey bacon. Sliced chicken with fresh mozzarella. Onion soup with melted cheese on top. A few slices with black olives. Kim loves all of that come with restrictions: Sour cream, half-and-half, and butter. These things aren’t unlimited, but you can have them—just enough to keep you satisfied. Why?? Because a low-calorie diet does more harm because you are depriving your body of the energy & nutrition it needs, specially if you’re breast feeding.Science shows that restricting calories slows down your metabolism anyway, so you burn calories at a slower rate and end up hanging on to weight rather than shedding it.



Did you say Calories? In fact Kim consumes about 1800 calories a day! Yes, which is actually the minimum calories you should be taking if you are breast feeding. According to experts, a woman should consume around 1800- 2200 calories a day, post pregnancy. How do those calories break down for Kim? Well,  she gets four to six ounces of protein, four ounces of cheese, eight to 10 servings of veggies, and two tablespoons of added fat per day (so not including the fats she gets from whole foods or protein sources). But because she’s a celebrity, Kim doesn’t have to worry about measuring, planning and making the menu—thanks to her chef and nutritionist . But she is a very busy celebrity and is eating out very often but she makes healthy menu choices when eating out.


Yes, there are no-go foods: Kim avoids a lot of types of foods when she’s on the diet. No Sugar, sweets, cakes, crackers, white flour, white rice.  And while we all know Atkins is low-carb, that doesn’t mean no carb. It’s about choosing smarter ones. The secret is [to] pick high-fiber carbohydrates that slow the release of sugar into the bloodstream. So instead of white rice you have a little brown rice. Instead of a white potato you could have a yam. While that makes sense for some people, don’t sweat it if it is beyond you to follow. Eating everything in moderation can work when trying to lose weight too, but portion control is the key. Also, keeping track of what you have consumed in a day, by maintaining  a food diary also helps.



But she is not too hard on herself: Weight loss is not a miracle. And it is different for different women.  Outside factors like stress, diet & environment also impact weight loss. What matters is that you eat healthy & exercise moderately and the results will show. If you need help starting, here is a quick and easy 7 day meal plan. Yes, you can do it 😊


Recommended reading

Happy happy my loves 💋💋

How To Get A Flat Tummy Fast

The countdown to Christmas and the holidays have begun.Between saying no to that last helping or that cocktail, to squeezing into that sexy body-hugging party dress the struggle is real, folks!  And if you are wondering how to get that stomach under control, fret no more. I have a few tips and tricks to achieve that flat tummy, without crazy diets or exercises (yes, it is true!). Because let’s be honest its the holiday season and nobody is expected to diet or make any drastic lifestyle changes – all those are a part of the ‘New year resolutions ” (wink, wink).


Luxuriate in the bath:  Remember I said these tips will be fun? Yes, take a long bath. Research has shown that taking a relaxing bath really help you lose weight!   Epsom salt, widely known for its use with muscle soreness and pain, could assist you to lose some unwanted weight.  Although it is called a salt, it is not exactly a salt, but a type of naturally occurring mineral compound enriched with sulfate and magnesium. Epsom salt looks like small, clear crystals.

Epsom salt gets absorbed into our skin very fast and starts working almost immediately by increasing the levels of magnesium and sulfate in our bloodstream. It works as a natural detoxifying agent that extracts excess toxins (all sodium, phosphorous and nitrogenous) from our body including the fat cells. This eventually perks up the calorie-burning capacity of our body.As it pulls toxins out of the system, the bodily metabolism gets regularized and the absorption of nutrients becomes better. This also puts a stop to emotional eating and prevents weight gain indirectly.

Epsom salt baths are what many celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham secretly do for a flatter stomach. Just mix two cups of Epsom salt in warm bath water and then soak for 15 minutes 2-to-3 times per week to get rid of bloating and lose water weight. Add a few drops of lavender oil for the ultimate relaxing bath.

Soak yourself in a tub of warm water for about 15 minutes to help you lose excess water weight for a flatter stomach.



Skip the Soda and add natural diuretics to your day:  Where do you think all those bubbles from carbonated drinks end up? They gang up in your belly!  Instead, sip on natural diuretics in the day like green tea, coffee, carrot juice, cranberry juice they actually help you flush out toxins. Use anti-bloating foods & drinks for a flatter stomach like Fennel Tea, Peppermint Herbal Tea, Chamomile Tea, ginger, pineapple, papaya, parsley, and yogurt containing probiotic. Check out some simple diet tips to follow for a small waist.


Grapefruit, the magic fruit:  The acidity in grapefruit slows digestion, so you’ll feel fuller, longer. And just half a grapefruit packs 64% of your recommended daily vitamin C intake. Look for ones that feel heavy for their size with a fine-grained skin. In your next fruit and vegetable shopping list, add grapefruit.


Straighten Up:  When you correct your posture, you are naturally engaging your core muscles (read stomach muscles). As you go about your day, imagine there’s a magnet pulling your belly button back toward your spine. Practice the tuck until it becomes comfortable, and soon this easy ab-engaging move will become like second nature. Whether sitting for long hours or standing up, remind yourself to engage that core and push the chest out. It is the easiest and one of the most effective things to do.


Drink more H20: Guzzling on water flushes out the toxins. And don’t worry about the “water weight”. Being dehydrated causes the body to hoard water and actually store water, you guessed it, in your midsection! If you are not the drinking types (water, I mean) try this lemon water. It is the best thing you can do for your body.


Cut out the salt: The more sodium in your body = more water retention = bloating. Consume less than 2500 mg of sodium daily to prevent that midriff from looking inflated.



Stop chewing gum: Because chewing forces you to swallow more puff-producing air. Then you swallow too much air… the air becomes trapped in your stomach and this causes gas which leads to bloating and it can also keep you from squeezing into your skinny jeans If you need to freshen your breath, you’re better off sucking on a mint.


Pass the Pretzel and ask for the Almonds: Snacking on nuts has been connected with having a lower waist circumference, as per studies. Nuts are rich in monounsaturated fats, making them a more satisfying pick than pretzels. Make sure you stick to the unsalted versions to keep the sodium in check.



Sculpt your tummy while doing daily chores: Wear a waist trainer/ cincher while doing daily activities. The steel boning of the waist trainer provides excellent core and lower back support and that means your stomach and core muscles are supported.  As you go about your day, imagine there’s a magnet pulling your belly button back toward your spine. Practice the tuck until it becomes comfortable, and soon this easy ab-engaging move will become like second nature.






Get off your butt: Yes, that’s not asking for too much! Just as little as 20 minutes of mild exercise a day will change your body. Mild cardio or hitting the gym it’s up to you. For inspiration, check out some of our favorite celebrity moms and their workout routines here. And invest in a good quality waist trainer which is designed for the gym. It provides added core and lumbar support while doing weights. Stand as much as possible when doing strength training exercises way your abs will naturally help to balance and stabilize your body. To add an extra flat belly boost to your weight routine, concentrate on keeping your abs tight and maintaining good posture while you lift, but without holding your breath.


So let’s get to it, ladies! 💋



10 Effective Weight Loss Tips For Women ( Because It Is Thanksgiving)



It is tough to stick to healthy choices through the year, let alone when the holiday season is around the corner. Shedding those inches is not easy, but if you keep in mind some simple rules to stick by, weight loss will cease to be the intimidating challenge it seems to be. Here are a few simple tips for losing those pounds & keeping them at bay. And it does not involve starving yourself 😊

1- Get Social: Check out online communities (on Facebook, Twitter, or other forums) that provide support and encouragement. Download apps that monitor weight loss and connect with others on the platform. One study showed that adults on a weight-watch who listened to weight-loss podcasts and used Twitter in tandem with a diet and physical activity monitoring app lost more weight than those who did not go social.  Sharing progress and setbacks on social media can help you feel accountable for your goals. And of course, provide the much-needed encouragement on not-so-good days.

 And making some new friends never hurts 😍


2- Keep A Food Journal: Keeping a track of what you’ve eaten in a day keeps you accountable and aids in weight loss. Monitor your food intake and log into your food diary every day. In fact, people who stick to food diaries are more likely to lose weight than those who don’t. Recording each bite helps you be more aware of the food you eat, plus when and how often you eat them.



3- Eat More In The A:M  : People who eat a hearty breakfast tend to eat fewer calories throughout the day. Don’t starve yourself on coffee till mid-morning because that will only lead to binge eating later. Stick to a good breakfast with plenty of proteins to keep you full and keep you from snacking before lunch



4- Add Protein to your diet: Pumping up on the protein is very helpful because it is slow release, unlike simple carbohydrates. Hence proteins keep you full for longer. It can help promote a healthy weight because high protein diets are associated with greater satiety. Plus, protein is important for healthy muscle growth.  Animal sources aren’t the only option—try alternatives like quinoa and lentils.
5- Consume the healthy fats: The mistake most of us make while aiming to eat healthy is cutting down on fats, totally! That is wrong on so many levels, especially for women. Fats are an extremely important part, not only for energy but to absorb fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E & K. Get healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats from olive oil, nuts, coconut oil, seeds, and fish.  Pro tip: Combining fat with fiber has been shown to increase fat’s power to make us feel full.
6- Get Busy Cooking: I do not mean that literally!! But rustling up your own meal is no huge task. That way you can balance your meal sizes also- don’t have a big lunch and a big dinner on the same day. If you overeat at one meal, you can cut back at the next. Use nonstick spray to sauté foods. Or rub oil onto the pan with a paper towel for the lightest possible coating. Your favorite order or take away from your neighborhood restaurant—is likely an oversized portion, which can result in the increased caloric intake. And when I say cook, I mean yummy but healthy food options (we’re talking: quesadillas, stir-fry, and burgers).

7- Switch to smaller size plates: Plate sizes have increased over the past millennium.  When it’s time to sit down for dinner, choose a size-appropriate plate or bowl. Using a smaller plate (eight to 10 inches) instead of a tray-like plate (12 inches or more) can make us feel fuller with the same amount of food. How does that work? The brain may associate any white space on your plate with less food. Plus, smaller plates generally lead to smaller portions. Brilliant, huh??!

8 – Eat more snacks: Skipping snacks and sticking to three meals a day won’t necessarily lead to weight loss: Low-calorie consumption can actually slow metabolism. Eating less than three times a day may benefit those who are obese, but skipping meals throughout the day and eating one large meal at night can lead to some undesirable outcomes (like delayed insulin response) which will increase the risk of diabetes. Instead of forgoing breakfast or lunch, stick to a few meals a day with healthy snacks between them. Snack on nuts, low salt crackers, fruits, etc.
9- Take more time in the sack: Sleep not only reduces stress, helps us heal faster, and prevents depression, it can also help shave off pounds. That’s because sleep loss is linked to stress and the metabolism of glucose(sugar in the blood).  Moral of the story: Sleep is associated with less weight gain. If you find it difficult to get enough sleep, try exercising in the day, or a warm bath before sleep or some calm meditative music. And try other solutions for extra Zzzs like turning off electronics in the bedroom and avoiding large meals late at night.
10- Incorporate waist training into your workout: We all know the benefits of exercise. It is widely recognized that exercise aids in weight loss. But many people have the wrong idea about what kind of workouts are best for dropping weight. There is a common belief that doing long cardiovascular workouts alone will result in quick weight loss. But surprisingly, cardio alone isn’t the key to quickly shedding pounds. Research has revealed that long stints of exercise aren’t enough to help you lose weight — let alone lose it quickly. So don’t go thumping that treadmill for 60 minutes. Instead, be smart because better results can be achieved by just 25-30 minutes of exercise daily. Using a waist trainer which is specially made for the gym helps in shedding that hard-to-lose abdomen fat with their thermal compression technology. At the same time, the waist cincher will also flatten your core & prevent lower back injury, as a result of lifting weights. If you are looking to add waist training to your workout, check out for some quality body sculpting products that will not make you sweat or break the bank !
Keep it healthy!! 💕💪💋


11 Tips To Host A Stress-Free Friendsgiving This Year

Let’s face it- our friends have felt more like family always. Maybe it is because of the fact that we see them more often than our real flesh & blood family and arguably the best part about hosting a Thanksgiving Friendsgiving is that our friends won’t ask us awkward questions. Or keep an eye on the number of drinks guzzled. In fact, they’ll probably encourage the latter part. Thank God for likeminded friends!

This is definitely not your mother’s Thanksgiving, and it definitely doesn’t have to be perfect. Just like those classic holiday episodes of Friends taught us, sometimes Friendsgiving is, even more, fun if it gets a little messy.

Here are 11 ways you can throw a legendary Friendsgiving party.

1-I shall have a potluck:

The most important rule of Friendsgiving party is that you have to make it a pot-luck affair. There is no way that you can sign up for hosting as well as cooking the entire meal courses unless you are Wonderwoman. Which you might be on other days, but Thanksgiving is not one of them. Step # 1 is to  Email the guests with the categories of dishes necessary, and make it clear that there can’t be too many repeated flavors. Meaning, the first person or two who responds “I’ll do sweet potatoes” gets to bring them. Which leads me to the thought “one cannot have too many kinds of potatoes “. And yes, some of you have to make a salad and that’s that (lucky YOU).

For some great tasting and unique potato recipes, head over to.  Yes, you can thank me later ✌️👌

2-I shall make the Turkey & hence the sauce

And nothing else! That’s the privilege of being the host & letting your friends go wild at your place for Friendsgiving. Remember, you’ll be cleaning up all of the next days- so you deserve a few perks. And if you are cooking the turkey then allow yourself the time you need to start the whole process of buying, thawing, and maybe brining at least four days in advance. For real. And you’ll need stuff: a 5-gallon bucket for brining, a roasting pan and rack, a meat thermometer, a board to carve it on, and a platter to serve it on (turkey checklist). Thankfully we live in the age of Google, so even cooking a turkey 🦃 is not too much sweat. Try this Alton Brown recipe. Its rated 5 stars by thousands of people. Cannot go wrong here



And don’t forget to make liters of gravy to go with it!


3-I shall play good music or assign someone else to do it

Which also means that the host should have good speakers. Or ask friends to pitch in with their speakers or playlist. There’s nothing harder on both guests and hosts than a quiet room—a particularly tricky situation if you’ve invited people who don’t know each other well. In that scenario, only music can set you free. And please keep in mind their tastes too, just because you like jazz doesn’t mean they do too. The playlist should be upbeat and popular and dancy.

4-I shall make sure there is enough booze

Our friends will forgive a burnt turkey or a meal that is not high in variety but they will never forgive you for running out of drinks. Figure that every person will have two drinks per hour, and plan accordingly. It’s also worth stocking up on sodas and water for people who prefer not to drink (HUH?? Do you know any such people??)





5-I shall have enough ice to preserve bodies on

Even if you don’t like ice, make sure there is enough to go around until the end. Ask friends to carry some- I always do that when hosting a large party. Nobody minds it, coz they know it definitely won’t be a party where they would have to guzzle warm vodkas later (believe me that is enough incentive to carry ice). Keep a large ice box with the ice and beers init and transfer to the freezer as and when needed.



6-I shall not allow guests to prep and assemble in MY kitchen

An absolute no-no. That is the reason that this potluck was planned remember? You as the host will be too busy busting that turkey, making the gravy, making sure people are helping themselves to drinks, making sure they always have a drink AND answering the door (I may have left out a few things). So make doubly sure that friends don’t turn up with half done dishes to be assembled/ finished in your kitchen which already resembles a war zone.



7- I shall create a simple cocktail or a signature punch

This really takes the pain out of serving each guest their drink. It is great for the first couple of rounds and after that, the booze-gang can figure their way around and fix their own drinks. Check out this simplest alcoholic punch- For something this easy, the reward is quite amazing. Mix 8 parts apple cider and 1 part dark rum (you can also use a whiskey such as a bourbon) in a punch bowl or a mixing bowl. Add apple slices or cinnamon sticks and cloves if you want to make it extra cute. And give it some dirty name (its Friendsgiving, remember?)




8- I shall try to use real plates and glasses

Try not to cut corners here, please! Putting the food your guests worked hard to make into a nice bowl or on a platter makes it look infinitely better and is such a nice gesture. You can also just serve everything in the Tupperware that guests bring it in, which is totally fine. The friends know this isn’t your Parents house and you’re not at the point in your life where you have a fully-stocked cabinet of crystal glasses and serving dishes. But you don’t want to use disposable cups — this isn’t a fresher party either. Mason jars look great and stylish — and unlike traditional whiskey glasses, can be recycled to serve smoothies and juices and cocktails on other days. Mason jars are a good, year-round investment.





9- I shall NOT forget that sexy dress I have been saving up

Yes, I know how hard you have been working on your body (or maybe not ; ) but this is the day to look like the hostess with the mostest. Pull out that bodycon number you have been saving all these months. And don’t worry about the love handles or the mummy-tummy, we have you covered with some of the best body shaping garments here  Shop the widest and the most seamless body contouring stuff so that you look flawless and fabulous on Friendsgiving day.

10-I shall take it easy and have fun

Don’t seek perfection, seek fun. It is OK if the turkey doesn’t cook on time, people will just help themselves to another round of drinks. Or if a friend brings a dish that’s fabulous-  just CHILL. Everyone is out there to have fun & not be a critic. Remember, this is Friendsgiving, and you can get away with the crazies! Just don’t tell your Mom you had way more fun than her traditional Thanksgiving 😜


 11- By Planning, Organising and Staying on top

If you plan, you stay on top of things and in control. It is boring but necessary. Have a checklist you can tick off and to make sure nothing gets left out and there are no last-minute planning disasters. You’ll be way happier about your decision to invite a ton of people over to your house for Friendsgiving. You go, Girl!!

Have a fabulous Friendsgiving, My Loves 💋💋

Simple Tips To Get You That Small Waist

You have your eyes set on that tiny waist for a long time. And now you have bought yourself a waist trainer too…because believe it or not, those things are actually effective in burning those tough-to-lose few inches off that tummy and waist. But like everything else in life, even a waist trainer or a cincher cannot give results in isolation. If you really want to zap those inches fast & for good, combine your waist training regimen with a balanced diet & throw in just 30 minutes of exercise a day (yes, just 30 minutes) and then you’re well on your way to that slimmer waist & a fitter YOU.

And how you do that? Well, that is what Iam here to show you. So be patient and read through….

The Exercises to add the K-BOOM to your waist training : The secret to amazing abs? Don’t do crunches!! Yes, you read that right! There are far more effective core targeting exercises that you should combine with waist training for magical results. Replace your crunches with the PLANK. Strap on your waist trainer and get planking.  Full plank & sideway planks are proven to target your core muscles thus giving a tight and lean midsection .


Workout waist trainers are meant to stimulate more thermal activity in the core and help you sweat more during your workout. In addition, the high compression trainer along with its internal boning also supports good back posture. Back posture and alignment are important while working out as it helps maximize your muscle engagement. With a good waist trainer your muscles will work more efficiently, your lifts will be stronger and the waist trainer can help prevent pain and injury.


                                                                Full body workout to pair with your waist trainer for overall fitness



                                                                   Waist targeting workouts (with your waist trainer) that give you a tiny waist




                                                       Upper Body Workout to pair with your Waist Trainer for Eliminating Bat Wings & Love Handles





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